Need some light relief in the time of zero bank holidays? Eleni Cashell shares her recommended podcasts for comedy fans.

March Sucks. We’re so far into the year that we’ve broken our New Year’s Resolutions, but not so far into the year that we’ve got tons of bank holidays to look forward to spending in our pjs.

Now more than ever, we need a good ole fashioned laugh, and for those of you who like to laugh almost as much as the man who has a tea party on the ceiling in Mary Poppins, there are some comedy podcasts you have to check out.

Elis James and John Robins on Radio X

Elis and John

Although this is technically a radio show, the podcast has grown in popularity so much that those that purely listen this way already have their own nickname, the PCDs (podcast devotees).

What’s so great about Elis and John is they’ve been friends from the comedy circuit for many years, and their chemistry is so clear but you never feel isolated from them.

They aren’t a clique, they want you in their gang. In fact, at the end of every podcast Elis and John take it in turns to share their favourite music that they wouldn’t ever play on air. And when you’re in their gang, you’ll learn what quallo means, why Producer Dave loves coleslaw, who intern Vin is and how much shame is possible inside John’s well.

As well as some classic features and beyond brilliant banter, the pair aren’t afraid to discuss topics that many podcasts would never dream to, including hard times in their own personal lives. They never shy away from mental health issues, and regularly touch on what they call “the darkness”, it’s something I’ve never heard any other podcast do so well, and it’s why people love them.

Despite only having 160 episodes to their name these guys have gone on tour, John’s written a book, they have merchandise, a growing PCD Facebook page and are currently number 16 on the ITunes comedy podcast chart.

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Not bad for a Welshman and a Queen fanatic.

Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

richard herring

The other half of Fist of Fun, Richard Herring has been on the comedy circuit for many years, and his work with Stewart Lee has earned him the respect of many comedians, and the love of many fans. So, it makes complete sense for Richard to do a podcast where he makes jokes and also interviews other comedians.

Using a mix of serious questions and emergency questions like, “Have you ever seen a ghost” and “have you ever tried to suck your own cock”, Richard turns what could be a dull concept into something brilliant.

Richard is a fantastic interviewer, in fact so good he managed to get Stephen Fry to open up about his suicide attempt for the first time, while also making Stephen Merchant so uncomfortable with his honest opinion about Extras that it’s become a renowned episode that he frequently mentions on other shows.

Also known as RHLSTP, it’s recorded in front of an audience at the Leicester Square Theatre in London, so you get a stand-up night feel while listening in the comfort of your own home – perfect if you fancy a night out and a night in at the same time.

And if you find yourself liking that, you’ll also love The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast, where the comedian Stuart Goldsmith also interviews other comedians in a slightly different, but equally engaging, way.

How Did This Get Made?


Ever watched a film so bad you think, “how on earth did this get made?”. Well, a group of American comedians did too, and decided to make a podcast dedicated to it.

With one of the catchiest theme tunes around, this podcast dissects movies including Grease 2, the Britney Spears movie Crossroads, Sharknado and the Village People Musical (yes, the guys who sang YMCA made a movie, it’s brilliant) in a way that’s funny without being mean.

What’s even better about this podcast is you don’t have to have even seen the film to enjoy the podcast, they run you through everything from the plot, to the holes in said plot, so it’s just as funny whether you’ve seen the movie a million times or are completely clueless.

Isy Suttie, The Things We Do for Love 

Dating can be a completely cringeworthy experience, so Isy Suttie has very cleverly decided to do a podcast asking comedians about the silliest things they’ve done for love.

Although a fairly irregular show that’s only got a few episodes under its belt, her guests so far have included Josh Widdicombe, John Robins and Nick Helm, whose stories of unrequited love and early sexual experiences make for hilarious listening. Not only do you go away feeling you know those comedians a little too well, but you’ll also feel better about your own love life. Have you bought eight presents for someone you’d kissed once and wasn’t really that massively keen on you? John Robins did too…

The Bugle 

the bugle

It’s an understatement to say that the news is depressing right now. We’ve got an orange president who’s insisting on kicking everyone out of his country, a government who can’t decide if Brexit means Brexit and Broadchurch is on its final ever series.

Basically, everything is going to shit.

This is why you need the Bugle in your lives. Taking a look at the news from a “isn’t this ridiculous” side and managing to still mock it, this satirical news podcast is happy to poke fun at all things news in both a silly and incredibly clever way.

Initially done by comedians John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, John left The Bugle in 2015, the relaunched version with just Andy and different guest hosts with him, and is actually funded by fans donations and merchandise purchases.

Got a comedy podcast you can’t get enough of? Tell us about it in the comments!

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