Strapped for dollar and need to do something FAST? Rebecca Medhurst has four sure-fire ways to earn some extra cash.

Sometimes things can be tight. Whether you’ve eagerly placed a multi-sized ASOS order which means you can’t afford petrol for the rest of the month, or you’re saving every single penny for the holiday of a lifetime – there are times when your salary just doesn’t cut it and some extra cash is needed. Pronto.

You’re in good hands. I’ve been living with my parents to save a deposit for a house and I’ve pretty much explored every cash-making avenue (besides THAT one) – and here are my top tips.

1. Give your opinion

Every sensible manufacturer tests their products and services and if you’re willing to give your opinion, it’s pretty darn profitable.

I’ve been part of research groups for vodka, men’s shower gel, cat food, hair products and soft drinks – and although it’s a bit weird going into a room of strangers and talking in great depth about something so specific, as a contributor you get paid £40-£100 cash on the day for just a couple of hours work. You even get tea, coffee and snacks for your trouble.

An agency usually recruits participants for a client, and a quick Google or Facebook search will bring up market researchers in your area. There are also national agencies like Podengo and Research Opinions which offer groups across the country.

Once you’re registered, the agency will advertise for research group participants on Facebook or via email – but they’ll never reveal the product or client, just the general topic. When you express an interest they’ll usually ask a few questions, and if you match the client’s criteria – you’re in!

2. Sell your stuff

This one sounds obvious, but you’ve probably got a ton of stuff at home that you don’t need or want, and it could make a fair bit of cash. Selling your stuff is also a good excuse for a clear out.

I recently sold an old phone for £80 on Facebook Marketplace and earned £75 just by putting a load of clothes on eBay. I’ve even done car boot sales in the past that have raked in £50 when I was just going to take all my crap to the dump anyway.


My tip is to look at what you have to sell and figure out where to sell it. Phones, other tech and furniture go well on Facebook Marketplace; accessories, cosmetics, clothes and shoes go well on eBay and most things get snapped up at car boots (particularly DVDs)if you’re not too fussy about the price.

When it comes to eBay – beware of the charges (they take a cut of what you sell and so do PayPal), check out similar items as a guide on the postage charge, provide good quality pictures and include as much information about the item as you possibly can.

3. Facebook events

This might sound odd, but it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled on Facebook for the odd event job. Last month a popular vintage fair was coming to my local town and a friend noticed the organiser had posted about needing some staff for the day on the Facebook event. 

All we did was send a quick emailing telling them why we’d be good at sorting clothes and being polite to customers – and we got the job. We earnt £70 cash for a 9am to 6pm day and walked away with a bag of free clothes. Win!

Check out things like festivals, fairs, gigs and special nights in your area, and it might even be worth contacting the organisers cold, on the off-chance they need a hand.

4. Get political

It might seem like madness that people are recruited to man polling stations and literally count each vote that comes in for elections and referendums – because we haven’t quite worked out how to do it all electronically yet. But I’m not going to complain.

I counted votes for last year’s UK-wide election when I saw the job advertised on my local council’s website and it’s worth the effort.

No experience is needed and all I had to do was go to a training session at the civic office for an hour, before working through the night to count voting slips into piles at a local hotel – earning around £180.

And once you’ve worked one vote, the council get in touch to recruit for others. (Although my last count job was for Brexit and I was unfortunate enough to witness the first signs of the absolute travesty that were the results – but that’s not for here).

These tips may not earn  you thousands of pounds – but as my least favourite supermarket says, every little helps! What are your sure-fire ways to earn some extra cash? Let me know in the comments below!

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