Things don’t have to be going wrong to hit a creative block. Flo Friis explores how to stop bashing your head against that brick wall when there’s no reason for it to be there.

As the title may suggest, I’m not in the most creative place at the moment. In fact I’ve had to go back and re-write this introduction at least three times because my brain is running away from me. Telling me to do my accounts, or send that email or wash those dishes – basically do anything that doesn’t require creative thought. Just know that while this may only take you minutes to read, it took me days to write. You better get something from it!

What’s my issue?

I’ve been bashing my head against a brick wall for a good month now.

I graduated last year and quickly stumbled into pretty much the exact job I wanted, I then lived at home for a few months until I saved enough money to move in with my boyfriend in Manchester.

Everything went according to plan, everything worked and I’m so bloody happy! So why on earth has my mind become numb, why has my creative spark disappeared?!

The Mundanities of Life

I think at the moment everything feels very mundane. Yes I love my job and my flat but I also love change. I love life’s big moments, but right now I’m settled.

creative block boredom

When we summarise life, it’s always in bullet points isn’t it?

  • Get yourself a degree
  • Get a good job
  • Move out
  • Get rich
  • Get married
  • Have kids.

Where’s the in between? Where’s the actual living?! I’m a long way from being rich and married, and a VERY long way from having kids!

Life isn’t actually  about these huge events at all, most living is ordinary and maybe the happy people embrace that, they make it noteworthy by enjoying it.

I’ve come up with a few solutions; a few everyday things I can do to make sure I’m finding the joy in living. I’m hoping with these efforts the numbness will fade and the creative juices will start flowing once more.

Get up!

Firstly, let’s start nice and simple: get up!

creative block wake up coffee

I’m one of those annoying humans that can snooze 13 times and lay in bed for two hours. In that time I drift in and out of a very unsatisfying sleep and progressively become more worried and anxious about life.

I’ve now started putting my phone in the hallway, so I have to leave my room to turn the alarm off. I’m much less likely to go back to bed if I’m physically nearer to the kettle than my pillow.

Inspire yourself

If your brain is fresh out of ideas, give it new ones.

Do activities solely to inspire yourself and learn new things. This can be as simple as finding some new Pinterest recipes, or reading a new travel blog. I find going to museums and galleries to be so helpful, not only does it inspire me but it’s also a full day of distraction from worrying and overthinking.

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Distract with a project

If there aren’t events or big things going on in life – create them. Plan a project that affects different aspects of your life and changes your everyday activities.

I’ve decided to start only buying second hand clothing and write about how I’m finding this on my blog. This not only changes my experiences but gives me fresh ideas to write about.

creative block new project pink glasses

Take it easy

I think the most important thing to remember is not to be so hard on yourself – it’s not easy to do and it doesn’t feel the most practical advice to take, but it’s important.

We shouldn’t get down on our life’s just because it doesn’t follow a made-up, unrealistic road. We need to learn that it’s ok for things to be a bit slow and quiet. Take time to enjoy all the happiness in life, to be grateful for all the joys we have. Being horrible and critical of yourself is not the way to feel better.

I’d genuinely LOVE to hear from you. How you handle these creative blocks could really help others. Please comment with your awesome tips.

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