Feeling the pressure whilst planning your big day? Sophie Cliff totally gets it, so she’s sharing five great ways to make wedding planning more fun.

I always thought that wedding planning would be so much fun. You get to plan a huge party for everyone you love, buy a pretty dress and drink prosecco at every opportunity – what’s not to love, right?!

how to make wedding planning more fun

What I forgot to factor in of course was navigating all of the opinions, chasing suppliers and RSVPs every evening and oh yeah, spending literally all of your money on just one day. Things can get pretty stressful super quickly.

So today I thought I’d share my top tips to get the most enjoyment out of the whole process. Here are five ways to make wedding planning more fun…

1. Don’t succumb to the pressure to lose weight

It seems like the wedding industry is geared up to make every bride to be feel like they need to lose weight, no matter how happy with their bodies they may be. I have so many issues with that (I could rant for days!), but one of the biggest ones is that going on any sort of diet is a surefire way to turn me into some sort of stroppy, miserable version of myself.

Refusing to go on a “wedding dress diet” has helped to keep me smiling and has made celebrating our engagement way more fun!

2. Get other people involved

So many people will volunteer to help with planning your big day and your life will be so much easier if you let them. It will make them feel like a bigger part of your special day and will take a bit of the pressure off you.

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Organise crafting evenings with your friends (with added wine of course!) and drag your Mum along to dress fittings or hair appointments. You’ll all have a good laugh together and the wedding will feel like more of a joint effort.

3. Buy some new stationery

If you’ve got to do lots of boring admin stuff (and planning a wedding involves a lot more of this than I’d like to admit), then you might as well get yourself some pretty stationery to do it in, no?!

5 ways to make wedding planning more fun

Thankfully the high street is awash with gorgeous wedding planners and sparkly notebooks that will make even the most dull task seem fun – check out Kikki K and Kate Spade for inspo.

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Things will go wrong while you’re planning your wedding.

Suppliers will cancel on you, parents will try and invite people you’ve never met, your friends will forget to RSVP – it happens. All of these things could put a huge dampener on wedding planning if you let them, so don’t sweat the small stuff.

Decide which things are truly important to you and make sure they happen, but if anything else goes wrong then try not to worry about it.

5. Celebrate each step

I’ve saved my favourite tip for last.

how to make wedding planning more fun wedding dress hear hands

By far the thing that has made planning our wedding the most fun is celebrating every step and turning each appointment or decision into an occasion. Nothing OTT, but things like going out for dinner with our parents after booking our venue or popping open a bottle of champagne after finding my dress have made the whole process feel more exciting and celebratory, which is ace. You only get to do this once so you may as well make the most of it…

How would you make wedding planning more fun? Share your ideas in the comments!

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