Sam Sparrow and Lea Rice are the feisty duo on a mission to celebrate great women, give the world what-for and be there for you during life’s best and worst bits. Put down that copy of Cosmo – shit just got real.

Unsorry Magazine (formerly The High Tea Cast) tackle topics and issues in the way only your best friend knows how to – honestly, and to the point. We cover the things that bother you most on a daily basis: Relationships, Health, Wellbeing, News, Politics, Travel and Careers. If it matters to you, we go there.

Our story

Sam & Lea Pin Up

Fed up with podcasts dominated by techie old men and magazines plastered with with misleading bollocks, Sam and Lea set out in July 2011 to bring something different to the eyes and ears of intelligent, sharp thinking women everywhere. We started our own podcast.

After that, we found ourselves pioneering female chat show podcasts in the UK. In the years since, we’ve taught women across the country to set up their own podcasts. We did a two year stint on live radio. We developed Unsorry into a digital magazine and recruited a fabulous editorial team to help us run it. Above all, we became the very best of friends. Fancy having two new digital besties in your inbox? Sign up for our weekly email!

Our team

We have an editorial team to die for. Sarcastic, supportive and seriously clever, everyone wants these girls and guys to be their best mate. Meet them all and read their articles. We guarantee you’re gonna adore them.

Work with us

The high tea cast brand work

We love working with PRs and advertisers, but only on stuff we know our audience will love. We also take our duty to be honest with our readers very seriously. If something is amiss, we’ll say so. Check out our media pack for more details on our advertising space, sponsored posts and giveaways, or just get in touch.

We also deliver kick ass podcast and blogging talks. Drop us a line to discuss our rates for public speaking.